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School Improvement Consultants

Every district has room for improvement. The School Improvement Process is a structured, yet flexible process, a continual improvement cycle that is supported by the Ohio Department of Education and the State Support Team (SST) in every region. 


Here at State Support Team Region 14, our School Improvement consultants provide (at no charge to districts) training and coaching to implement:

  • Shared leadership through District and Building Leadership Teams and Teacher-Based Teams
  • Review individual, classroom, and school-wide data to identify trends and needs in teaching strategies, curricula andassessments
  • Create goals that align with all other district work, including the Decision Framework and CCIP
  • Use data and evidence-based strategies to improve all elements of education within the district
  • Engage parents and community members in the process so the district benefits from their insights and support

Every consultant within the State Support Team is familiar with the School Improvement Process, better known as the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP), and can offer support to any district in this region.

The State Support Team for Region 14 takes our work in School Improvement very seriously. We strive to be in continual collaboration with the Educational Service Centers in our region, Brown County ESC and Southern Ohio ESC, to provide the best support to the districts in all 5 counties we serve. These 3 organizations have been recognized for this collaborative approach: Article on SST 14, SOESC, and BCESC Collaboration  


To begin School Improvement work in your own district, please contact our Director, Jeff Royalty, at

Jeff Royalty

Phone:  937-393-1904 Ext. 2129
Fax:       937-393-0496

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