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State Support Teams

The State Support Team is responsible for the regional delivery of school improvement, early learning and school readiness, early and school-age literacy and special education compliance services to districts within Region 14. 

The Team works through the Office for Exceptional Children, Office of Innovation and Improvement, Office of Early Learning and School Readiness and the Office of Field Relations by providing high-quality professional development and by providing support of the Ohio Improvement Process.

The State Support Team specializes in the following areas:

  • School Improvement

  • Early Learning and School Readiness

  • Early Literacy

  • Family Consultation and Transition


State Support Teams

Power Up!

When targeting areas to improve achievement, schools and districts can add power through a state support team to assist and support their efforts.

State support teams are local and regional Ohio educators with a history of school improvement, preschool, and special education. The Ohio Department of Education coordinates 16 regional teams that cover Ohio and can respond to your call today. There is no cost to use their services.


Your state support team expands your leadership team to add specially trained educator experts to work on your efforts to improve climate and learning outcomes for all students. The state support team uses research-based practices to help you build custom solutions for your central office staff, building administrators and teachers and partners with your team to design concrete measures. These solutions boost organizational efficiency.
Specifically, your state support team provides coordination and support for common barriers to school improvement and services for low-performing students.

Your district or school might be struggling with:

  • Measurable benchmarks that produce valuable data for your staff to watch and use;
  • Turnover in staff, specifically school leadership;
  • Full understanding of the Ohio Improvement Process and how to implement it; or
  • Assumptions that adult indicators are not linked directly to student learning.


Your team uses its vast and varied expertise in education to guide your leadership through five steps.

The state support team will help you:

  1. Review objectively the meeting structure at your building level and share ways to create more impact in your meetings;
  2. Partner with your leadership to energize your current district, building and teacher teams;
  3. Unpack Ohio’s Learning Standards with your staff to strengthen your curriculum;
  4. Check students’ progress in learning and show your teachers how to improve classroom instruction; and
  5. Assist your district and building teams in the Ohio Improvement Process. This includes identifying the needs of your district and developing customized professional development and other support.