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Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (C.C.I.P.)/Federal Programs

The Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP) is a unified grants application and verification system that consists of two parts: the Planning Tool and the Funding Application.

The Planning Tool contains the goals, strategies, action steps and district goal amounts for all grants in the CCIP. The Funding Application contains the budget, budget details, nonpublic services and other related pages. There are six Funding Applications in the CCIP: Consolidated, Competitive, Student Intervention, Career-Technical and Adult Education, Adult Basic and Literacy Education and Community School.

Greg Barlow serves as the Region 14 consultant for the districts’ federal programs coordinators. Each district has a federal consultant assigned to them through the Ohio Department of Education. These federal consultants typically serve more than 70 different school districts. Region 14 began serving our individual school districts during the 2016-2017 school year from the approach of having the regional coordinators working together in a variety of ways. They meet together as a group at various times throughout the year and share information in a manner that proves beneficial to the group as a whole.

Greg also provides individual guidance to districts when they are preparing for an on-site review by the Ohio Department of Education. This service includes such work as the compiling of required documents, to that of planning goals and strategies that will allow their district to use their federal funds in an effective, prudent manner.

Consultative services for the districts of Region 14 can be scheduled by contacting Greg Barlow.

Greg Barlow

Greg Barlow

Region 14 State Support Team

School Improvement Consultant
Phone: 937-393-1904 ext. 2113