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Autism/Low Incidence

Last Updated: 3/16/2021 5:51 PM

The State Support Team Autism/Low Incidence Consultant builds the capacity of educators to in implement research and evidence-based strategies to meet the unique instructional needs of students with low incidence disabilities and for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders through coordinating and supporting training/coaching available from outreach services, professional development, and technical assistance. Services include:

  • Develops and delivers high-quality professional development and technical assistance, including regional alternate assessment training, assistive technology, highly qualified teacher (intervention specialist), autism interventions and behavioral interventions.
  • Assists school district personnel in meeting state and federal rules and regulations regarding the delivery of educational services to children with disabilities, including the provision of related services
  • Assist districts with understanding OIP systems and supports


Megan Trowbridge

Megan Trowbridge

Phone: 937-393-1904 ext. 2112


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